L atmosphere restaurant, Waterford
L atmosphere restaurant, Waterford

We always take care of our customers

L’Atmosphere restaurant bringing high quality food to our customers, we are probably the first restaurant indicate the calories and allergen on our menu 

This restaurant is authentic. All products used in our dishes are sourced directly from our producers, selected for their respect for the freshness, authenticity of products and hygiene, in order to ensure greater food safety.


                   Dish Calories            Allergen
Blue bell goat cheese 126 Milk, Pecan (nuts)
Cheese flan 167 Eggs, Milk, Wheat (Gluten)
Couscous salad 118 Wheat (Gluten)
Cured salmon 130 Fish  
Garlic bread 362 Milk, Wheat (Gluten)
Lyonnaise salad 268

Eggs, Soybeans, SulphureDioxide and Sulphite,

Wheat (Gluten)

Risotto 130 Milk, SulphureDioxide and Sulphite
Seared scallops 129 Molluscs
Vegetables soup 65 Milk
Wild forest mushroom pate 102 Milk, SulphureDioxide and Sulphite
Main Course    
Beef Bourguignon 378 SulphureDioxide and Sulphite
Cassoulet of duck 454 SulphureDioxide and Sulphite, Wheat (Gluten)
Chicken ballotine 64 Eggs 
Chicken chasseur 269  
Cod fillet 283 Fish, Milk, SulphureDioxide and Sulphite
Creamy pork fillet 418 Milk, SulphureDioxide and Sulphite
Duck breast 292  
Fillet of beef 708  
Rib eyes 592  
Salmon fillet 531 Fisk, Milk, SulphureDioxide and Sulphite
Sea bream 258 Fish, Milk, SulphureDioxide and Sulphite
Slow cook leg of lamb 486  
Striploin 405  
Chocolate souffle 435 Eggs, Milk, Wheat (Gluten)
Crème brulee 147 Eggs, Milk  
Fresh fruits salad 84 Milk
Macaroon 142 Almond (Nuts) Eggs, Milk 
Lemon pie 258 Eggs, Milk, Wheat (Gluten)
Lime & basil granita 56  
Meringue soufflee 191 Eggs, Milk
Vanilla slice 248 Milk, Wheat (Gluten)
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