L atmosphere restaurant, Waterford
L atmosphere restaurant, Waterford

€29.00 Value Menu





Stuffed chicken roulade, seasonal vegetables and homemade jus.


Chicken liver pate, salad and homemade rustic toast bread.


                       Blue bell goat cheese mousse and seasonal vegetables.                                                                         

Soup of the day.             


Risotto pesto, chargrill vegetables



Main course


Chicken creamy sauce, local vegetables.


Classic beef casserole red wine sauce ` beef bourguignon`.  


Irish steak served with roast potatoes, seasonal vegetables.


Salmon filet creamy sauce, seasonal vegetables.      


Confit duck leg served with sautés potatoes and homemade jus.






 Homemade Vanilla slice


Meringue soufflé au chocolat served with homemade chocolate sauce


Chocolate Soufflé served with vanilla ice-cream


Crème brûlée, L’Originale


 Fresh Fruit Salad, homemade syrup served with vanilla ice-cream





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