L atmosphere restaurant, Waterford
L atmosphere restaurant, Waterford

Vegetarian & Vegan Menu 

Vegetarian menu.

We would like you to have a taste of L'Atmosphere with a vegetarian dish

Well now you can!

We have a selection of





Blue bell Goat cheese. €8.90


Wild forest Mushroom pâté. €7.50


Vegetable soup. €6.50


Cheese flan served with mixed baby leaves.  €7.50


Vegetable mixed salad. €6.50


 Main courses


Risotto pesto chargrill vegetables. €14.50


Vegetarian tasting plate.  €16.50


Chargrill local vegetables, tartelette Niçoise and goat cheese   €16.50





Carrot cake served with fresh fruit salad.    €6.00


Crème brulée.   €7.00


Fresh fruit salad.  €6.50


Lime granita.    €6.50


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