L atmosphere restaurant, Waterford
L atmosphere restaurant, Waterford

Champagne & Sparkling



21. Champagne  Domaine J.M. Gobillard 75 cl                                                                            €38.00

Chardonnay (50%) with pinot noir and pinot Meunier planted on the 1er cru slopes of hautvilliers, Dizy and Cumieres. This superb Champagne has a delicate, elegant raspberry-scented nose. Lovely, soft texture with summer fruits, brioche and creamy edge, mineral notes and citrus fruit are found on its fresh, bright, zippy ending.



22. AOC Crément de Loire 2000  Domaine des grandes vignes                                       €28.50

This wine is made from 70% of Chenin blanc and 30% of chardonnay, serving t* 8-10, pale yellow color with a fine sparkle. Ripe grape nose. Ample and oily palte, with traces of honey predominating, serve as an aperitif, with a starter or as an excellent finale to accompany desserts.



Hot Drinks

Coffee & Hot Drinks

Coffee                                            €2.10                                   Cappuccino                           €2.50

Expresso                                       €2.40                                   Tea                                          €2.10   

Double Expresso                          €2.70                                   herbal  Tea                             €2.10  

Hot Chocolate                              €2.50                                   Latte                                       €2.50        

      Cheese Board    €8, 90

Selection of French cheese served with salad, fruit and homemade toast bread

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