L atmosphere restaurant, Waterford
L atmosphere restaurant, Waterford

Our Irish Beer





Pale Ale   €5.00

 American style pale ale, dark gold in colour with a delicate white head. Citrus and floral aromas lead into hop flavours characterised by grapefruit and mandarin produced by American hops. A dry bitter finish makes this an eminently enjoyable and refreshing beer.

Equinox   €5.00


Sunshine in a glass! Equinox is a refreshing wheat lager designed with lazy sunny days in mind. Hazy bright yellow, it’s a smooth and refreshing beer with a light dry finish. Orange and lemon peel are added to the brew kettle for a burst of citrus, along with some ground coriander to give a hint of spice on the end – tantalizingly quaffable!


Heatsink   €5.00


Heatsink is brand new to the Metalman Range for 2015. A delicious smoked porter made with lots of smoked German malt. It was brewed with a touch of Cayenne pepper in the kettle, which gives it very pleasant and rather gentle, chili warmth on the finish.




Dungarvan Brewing Company


500ml Bottles

Copper Coast, Red Ale          €5.50

Helvick Gold, Blonde Ale      €5.50

                                  Black Rock, Irish Stout          €5.50

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