L atmosphere restaurant, Waterford
L atmosphere restaurant, Waterford

White Wine


1. Domaine Mont d`Hortes « Sauvignon white »                                                                  21.00

 An elegant balanced, dry Sauvignon blanc from the Anglade family in the up and coming Côtes de    Tongues areas, drink with Aperitif, fish, asparagus and goat cheese


2. Domaine Brichot  Domaine de Gascogne’ J                                                                  €24.00 

They make this white wine from ugni-blanc Colombar Grapes. It is pleasantly refreshing and lively with rich aromas of exotic fruits and white flowers. Drink chilled with most starters, fish dishes, and cheese dishes or as an aperitif.


 3. TRE Fili “Pinot Grigio”                                                                                           €26.00

Soft, fruit dominated Pinot Grigio, with a lovely orchard fruit perfume. Light, vibrant with fresh,

zesty, citrus character. Very easy drinking, as an aperitif or with a salad of piquant grilled prawns.


4.Côtes de Thongue, Languedoc, Chardonnay IGP, Domaine Mont d’Hortes €24.00

100% Chardonnay. This wine from Languedoc has a nose with discreet notes of white flowers

and citrus.In the mouth the wine has a nice length, with a soft and fresh palate.

Ideal with grilled scallops


6. Picpoul de Pinet                                                                                                                  €26.00

Delicate white wine from Southern France with lemon, green apple, mineral and gunflint

on the nose. The palate is crisp, clean, dry and fruity, with freshness, liveliness and minerality.

Brilliant as an aperitif, with fruits de mer or grilled fish


7. Touraine Sauvignon blanc,  J                                                                                    €26.00

Very aromatic, with notes of boxwood, citrus, and a nice length. Very fruity.100%

Sauvignon Blanc.


8. Sancerre “Christian Lauverjat” J                                                                                  €36.00

Aromatic Sauvignon, with that unmistakable mineral Sancerre edge. Gooseberry,

white fruit with a good dash of exotic fruit on the nose. The palate is grippy and fresh

with lovely ripe kiwi, pear and tropical fruit mixing with pungent and smokey notes,

it is an ideal partner to shellfish and other seafood or goat cheese.




Rose Wine

9. Rose Provence `Domaine Mont D Hortes                                                             €24.00  Full-flavoured with basketfuls of over ripe red berries,is made from Cabernet grapes. The palate is ample, round with soft ripe strawberry, cassis and fruit of the forest. Medium-dry and round, the finish is fresh nevertheless.

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